Elijah Wood Launches Podcast Network

By Chanak Maduranga

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Elijah Wood Launches Podcast Network
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SpectreVision, the production company led by Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah and Lawrence Inglee, is launching a new podcast network called SpectreVision Radio.

SpectreVision Radio is set to be a home for podcasts focused on film, music and the arts, in addition to esoteric subjects including the paranormal and surprising history. The network will feature an array of new podcasts, in addition to forthcoming seasons of existing projects.

The new titles set to launch on SpectreVision Radio include the first-ever podcasts from filmmakers Mike Flanagan (The Fall of the House of Usher) and David Lowery (The Green Knight). Also new is The Spiel from co-hosts Scott Wampler and Eric Vespe; the pair recorded 12 episodes prior to the unexpected death earlier this year of Wampler, who also worked as a film journalist.

Among the returning podcasts getting a new season on the network is Visitations from SpectreVision co-founders Wood and Noah. An animated video showcasing the names of the SpectreVision Radio hosts is below.

Also making up the roster are esoteric podcasts from paranormal researchers Greg and Dana Newkirk, occultist Sapphire Sandalo, journalist Tom O’Neill and occult academic Mitch Horowitz. Additionally, SpectreVision will launch an “Always On” RSS feed via Spotify to offer a blend of episodes and exclusive content.

“The idea of a podcast network that’s built like a community radio station is a natural extension of who we are,” Wood said in a statement. “We’ve always thought of SpectreVision as a creative hub made up of like-minded people with shared interests. To have a space where creators can congregate to swap stories, share ideas and freely collaborate is a dream.”

Serving as the network director is Jim Perry, who is host and creator of documentary podcast Euphomet, which enters its sixth season.

Said Perry, “SpectreVision Radio brings together the worlds of the arts and the unknown through a kaleidoscope of perspectives and disciplines that, together, tell a fascinating, ever-evolving story.”

The logo for SpectreVision Radio.

Courtesy of SpectreVision

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