Olivia Cooke Recalls Animalistic Sex Scene Cut From ‘House of the Dragon’

By Chanak Maduranga

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Olivia Cooke Recalls Animalistic Sex Scene Cut From ‘House of the Dragon’
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Olivia Cooke offered a behind-the-scenes tease of a cut sex scene from House of the Dragon‘s season two this week, saying the “messy as fuck” moment didn’t make the final show out of concern that it didn’t further the plot.

“It wasn’t beautiful, and that was really fun to do,” Cooke told Elle, also using descriptors “carnal” and “animalistic.”

“I think Ryan [Condal, the showrunner] said we weren’t learning any more about the characters,” Cooke said, noting she disagreed with the assessment slightly, but added “it’s okay, it’s his show.”

Cooke plays Alicent Hightower in House of the Dragon, HBO’s sequel to Game of Thrones, which takes place 200 years after the first series.

The actress also spoke about her experience preparing for the series’ notorious nudity and sex scenes, saying she actually “thought there’d be way more, and so I’m relieved that when it has been used for me, it’s showing Alicent being pleasured, which is amazing and doesn’t feel gratuitous.”

She added that the scenes all felt “like we’re telling a story.”

In addition to the intimacy preparation, Cooke also spent some time reflecting on the experience rising to Game of Thrones fame in general.

“I was aware of what happened to people who were on Game of Thrones and how they [became] so recognizable everywhere,” she said. “I don’t know the ins and outs of how their lives had changed, but they were so visible. [I was] just really nervous that I would feel watched or followed….I was worried about having lots of eyes on me, but it’s actually been okay. It sort of ramps up when the show comes out, and things just die back down again.”

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