Rhett & Link to Launch Scripted Show Wonderhole on YouTube in August

By Chanak Maduranga

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Rhett & Link to Launch Scripted Show Wonderhole on YouTube in August
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YouTube stars Rhett & Link are expanding their content in the comedy space.

The duo, who host Good Mythical Morning and own Mythical Entertainment, will launch a new comedy series on their Rhett & Link YouTube channel in August. The new series, Wonderhole, “combines docu-comedy, sketch comedy, original music, visual FX, celebrity cameos, and outright bonkers attitude,” per Mythical Entertainment.

The pair will “get out from behind their iconic Good Mythical Morning desk and head into the real world for wonderous explorations both silly and profound, grandiose and dumb, and uniquely Rhett & Link,” per the logline.

Mythical independently financed Wonderhole, which will release new episodes on YouTube each week.

The pair released a new video Friday including the trailer for Rhett & Link’s Wonderhole:

Rhett & Link are no strangers to other genres of comedy. They had a series on YouTube Red (back when YouTube was investing in its original original content) called Rhett & Link’s Buddy System, which had two seasons in 2016-2017; and in 2021 they created and starred in a scripted podcast series called Ronstadt. They have also one one-off videos and sketches on their Rhett & Link channel.

Still, Wonderhole is something of an audacious bet on original content on YouTube, where many of its top creators (Rhett & Link included) play in the unscripted space.

In a video announcing their plans to create a new show earlier this year, Rhett McLaughlin said that the duo will be using all they learned from their channels in developing the show.

“We’re investing our own money into making it. We’re doing it completely independently, with no outside input, no network notes, that type of thing,” Link Neal added. “The only audience that we have in mind in making this show is you.”

“It doesn’t make a lot of financial sense, if we’re being honest, because we’re definitely going to spend more money on this than we’re gonna make,” McLaughlin added. “But we see it as an investment, an investment in ourselves, in our creative ideas and our team. And we also see it as an investment in this platform, in YouTube, because … we believe that YouTube is a place where we can make the thing that we want to make for the audience that wants to see it. And we also want to believe that YouTube can be a place where you don’t have to just try to anticipate the algorithm, you don’t have to just make something that you try to anticipate what people are going to like, but you can make the thing that you like. And then the people who also like it, will come along and they will watch it.”

Rhett & Link have also been at the center of a push for creators to be considered for Emmy Awards, noting that the quality of the work they produce on YouTube rivals a lot of what is available on subscription streaming services or cable TV.

“Those award shows really are one of the ways that we collectively, as a culture, agree to celebrate the things that are really connecting. And we’re like, hey, this content is connecting,” McLaughlin told THR at the time. “If you really look at the amount of engagement and the amount of cultural influence that what is happening on YouTube and how it’s influencing culture, well, this is where it’s at. This is where it’s moving and this is where it’s been for a while. And we feel like that should be celebrated.”

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