‘The Bear’ Season 3 Cameos

By Chanak Maduranga

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‘The Bear’ Season 3 Cameos
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[This story contains spoilers from The Bear season three.]

The Bear is known for many things. But one aspect of the critically acclaimed FX series that stands out is its ability to recruit major stars to play minor roles, just so they can say they’ve been a part of the show (and maybe score a guest star Emmy in the process).

Perhaps some of the show’s biggest cameos came in season two’s now-iconic episode “Fishes,” which introduced Jamie Lee Curtis’ Donna Berzatto, John Mulaney’s Steve, Sarah Paulson’s Michelle and Bob Odenkirk’s Uncle Lee, among others. And much to fans’ joy, a couple of those actors reprised their roles in season three.

But the cameos go far beyond that episode.

Will Poulter had entered The Bear by way of Copenhagen as pastry chef Luca, who helped Marcus (Lionel Boyce) take his dessert dishes to the next level before The Bear’s opening in Chicago. Olivia Colman’s Chef Andrea Terry, who was one of the many chefs who helped Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) become the cook he is, was also introduced in season two. Both Poulter and Colman returned for season three in similar scene-stealing fashion.

The newest installment also introduced some new characters portrayed by major celebrities, including John Cena’s Sammy Fak and Josh Hartnett’s Frank. Even Bradley Cooper made a (very) brief appearance.

The Christopher Storer-created series finished shooting its third season only weeks before its Hulu release and will quickly jump back into filming on the already renewed fourth season. “I think the structure will look like it has in the past,” White previously told The Hollywood Reporter. His onscreen sister, Abby Elliot, who plays Sugar, added, “Because we shoot in Chicago, because we’re with our family, we just get right back into the groove and our rhythm. We kind of just leave the outside world behind.”

Below, THR rounds up all The Bear season three cameos — from returning actors to award-winning chefs that you may have missed.

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