100% solar power and a luxurious interior

By Chanak Maduranga

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100% solar power and a luxurious interior

Those who choose to live in a prefab house often do so because of its environmental value. This is precisely what has caught our attention in the model we are going to show you today. It is the most natural house we have seen, with 424 ft² and an interior so luxurious that it will make you forget about what is on the outside. In fact, it’s a bid for elegance that we wouldn’t expect given its reduced price.

The America´s most natural prefab house you will love: you won´t believe this detail

The Skali Backcountry Cuboid manufactured by the company Modmodz is a new darling in the prefabricated housing world -a compaction, sustainable and luxurious life worth 424 square feet. This small house has a lot of mindful features and a mission of meeting the luxury life.

Constructed in the Pacific North region with eco-friendly and natural products, the backcountry cuboid creates a modern and minimalistic look inside and outside with an elegant cube shape. With the accommodation where the geometric cladding is made of cedar.

Ifou are interested in the idea of a tiny house living or you are looking for a eco-friendly vacation home, this model is four you. Now, you can understand why this Cuboid is recognized as the most natural and elegant prefab house in America.

Skali Backcountry, the most natural prefab house we´ve just ever seen

The Backcountry Cuboid tiny house has a unique and sleek interior that looks as though it has come straight out of a contemporary homes magazine. The 424 square foot floorplan is an open space with a modern and sleek design that uses a minimum number of resources.

The wood that covers the interior walls and ceiling is reclaimed, blending in the nature with the place and creating a warm and lush indoor playground. The entry consists of the major living area that encompasses a couch, chairs, and natural gas fireplace with a rock surround.

The kitchen area is made of stone quartz countertops, a farmhouse sink, recessed lightings and high-end stainless steel appliances. Kitchen cabinets have full height that allows for the cabinets to hold a large quantity of stuff.

As for the sleeping area at the loft of the house, it is has a queen-sized bed, a reading nook and a storage underneath the bed to keep the room neat. A collapsible ladder is used as an physical stair, leads to the storage area.

The sustainability, the best detail of this new prefab house everyone is talking about

The cuboid home built by Skali Backcountry is a creation inspired by sustainable thinking Eco-friendly and energy-efficient materials help in minimizing wastage. The outside of the building is plastic-waste diverted from landfills. It is a made of recycled plastic material.

Featuring Formaldehyde free and made from recycled denim material is the insulation of our product. The owner didn’t lose sight of it as the windows themselves are triple-paned for maximum efficiency. Indeed, the Cuboid standard remains fully plugged into sources of renewable energy.

Solar panels are integrated with battery storage and a mini-split HVAC system which regulate power consumption effectively to improve energy efficiency. The system change enables the residence to for run on 100% solar power.

Water wastage avoidance was also among the important issues we investigated. From 8 to 18 year old Use up less water, so people shall reduce their water usage. In an integrated way, rainwater can be collected and disinfected ready for household use.

As you have been able to see, this new prefab house is perhaps opening a new trend among those who prefer natural, rustic and warm spaces. It is something similar to what the Nordic houses we have seen on other occasions offer, although the one we have shown you today fits more in tropical or jungle style. Can you imagine waking up inside it every morning? Undoubtedly, it must be quite an experience.

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