1000 km/h, through the air and underground

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1000 km/h, through the air and underground

Tycoon Elon Musk has taken a step forward in the quest for a new era in mobility. If in our country he achieved it with Tesla (although he is still reluctant to hydrogen), now he has continued beyond our borders. In fact, the most ambitious megaproject has been launched on the other side of the ocean, which has generated a disappointment that you will now understand when you see what we have lost.

Elon Musk´s futuristic project: not in United States, but in this other country

Hyperloop is the name given to a mode of transportation that is currently in the blueprint stage and would be an all-electric pod traveling at speeds ranging from 620 mph to 1000 km/h within a vacuum tube, thereby surpassing the sound barrier. It was in 2013 it was raised for the first time by an entrepreneur, Elon Musk.

The Hyperloop capsules that will be transporting passengers are, in turn, levitated and the pressure of the air inside the tubes is drastically reduced to reduce the friction as the capsules move forward. Magnetic levitation and linear electric driving have a low factor of energy consumption with very high speeds.

The mixture of these cutting-edge technologies maybe suffices for Hyperloops to connect the cities that are less than 10 miles apart in 30 minutes. A future where Superfast trains travel at speeds beyond what airplanes or existing slower alternatives can offer stands to be much rapid, cost-effective, and friendly to the environment.

Where will be the Hyperloop if not in the United States? All you have to know about

Very recently, Zaragoza, the city, is the business venue for hyperloop invention in Spain. In October 2022 Zaragoza got the spot that in the spring 2024 is to see the beginning of the high-speed rail route. The announcement was made after over three years of strategic planning and in-country preparation efforts.

The system under development by Virgin Hyperloop for Spain is the one that will use Hyperloop technology. In 2014, when The company behind this technology was founded, the project was already in the advanced stage of development and in progress for approximately 6 years.

Yet, Zaragoza is the first city in Spain to be awarded the licence to build a line, which is a major achievement. While Hyperloop travel for passengers is still not in operation anywhere in the world, the city is about to host the beginning.

Zaragoza’s Hyperloop line will be among the first of its kind in the world, and one of many in the near future. Spanish officials foresight the functional stages of the Hyperloop in 3-4 years. This significant timeline is the clear and easy evidence of the significance to the innovation in the transportation industry.

Ultrafast, futuristic transport for this city in the inner Spain: up to 1200 km/h

The city of Zaragoza in northeastern Spain will be the place that contains the national high speed and resistant transportation system. Hyperloop train line construction between Zaragoza and other important Spanish cities has been started, as a consequence of which, the indeed travel time across long distances will be reduced.

The Zaragoza hyperloop is an elevated tube holding the capsules that are capable of moving at speeds which go up to about 1,200 km/h. The capsules are suspended by magnetic components in a way that they “slide” above the track, overcoming friction.

The start of hyperloop rail tunnel and infrastructure construction will be in Zaragoza calculated from the next 3-4 years. At the launch, the company plans the initial route to run between Zaragoza and Madrid; it will transport passengers along the 300 km distance in less than 30 minutes.

As you can see, the Hyperloop in Spain will be a historic milestone in sustainable mobility, with a futuristic project inspired by the same one that Elon Musk wanted to develop several years ago. In fact, there are those who claim that this is an improved version that comes to extend the autonomy of the trains, to optimize the concept of vacuum chambers and to give greater security to this means of transport.

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