1232 ft² and this detail

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1232 ft² and this detail
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When we talk about a successful prefab house in America (and now you’ll see another one), we are often astonished by its high price. But what if we saw an option that was affordable for everyone? We have found it, and it has an extension of more than 1200 ft2 for only $179K. Do you know what is the most special thing of all? This detail that will make it the house of your dreams, now you’ll see.

This is the America´s most luxurious (and affordable) prefab house

The C6 is an elegant home that is within most people’s reach. It is designed and constructed by LivingHomes, a pacesetting prefabricated housing company in Los Angeles. It may be priced the cheapest in its segment ($179k) it offers no less in luxury, comfort and quality.

LivingHome uses smart technologies and materials such as SIPS to bring to life energy efficient homes with low energy consumption which results in the increase of living standard for workers and their families. The stripped down feel to C6 give credence to the modern architecture aesthetic in that there are clean lines.

C6, thanks to its unique configuration, offers a supreme luxury meet highly sustainable demands, while being very personalized and still affordable. The choice of those who want to live in a contemporary house made of prefabricated parts but still have the space and all the style is the C6.

Why is this prefab house so special? Find out the unseen detail

The C6 design is an unusual prefabricated or affordable home since it comes with luxuries that are not there on your every day house. To bring the brand to another level, Living Homes worked with top-tier companies all around the world to supply and jointly produce stylish materials and decorations.

The house exterior with zinc paneling metal aluminum windows and doors for a modern design. Within that, visitors can experience a wide plank hardwood flooring patterns made of oak and an astonishing cedar ceiling that creates a warm atmosphere.

In the open-concept floor plan in the kitchen there is entertaining with a gourmet kitchen equipped with Bosche appliances, quartz countertops, and a big heart of the house. Each C-unit as well comes with all the smart technologies you love already set up, for lighting, climate, and security and can be controlled via tablet.

Sustainability is a fundamental of LivingHomes so the C6 uses it earth-friendly building materials like formaldehyde-free cabinetry that avoid radiation and low/no VOC paints and finishes. Through these ways, energy efficiency is enhanced and this happens kindred to high-performance building envelope.

The floor plan and layout of this affordable prefab house you´ll love

Stringent C6 standards from LivingHomes give a housing option of a 1232 square feet with a contemporary home design where living is comfortable. This two bedroom, two bathroom house is an airy and spacious accommodation, large enough to comfortably accommodate a growing family or couple.

As you enter the C6, be welcomed by a room that it is definitely lit and the living room continues into the kitchen and the dinning area. A gourmet kitchen opened with modern stainless steel appliances, quartz tops, and customized cabinetry; and it is perfect for cooking, hosting, and entertaining guests.

Through the walk-through there is the dining area and the living room; the combination of proper windows and doors to the adjacent yard ensures ample natural light into the space. Approximately across the hall, are the two bedrooms, which were built to give a silent spot away from the craziness of daily life.

This is by far the most endearing and affordable prefab house we’ve seen so far, one that anyone would want to live in. The simple fact that it’s priced under $200K proves that modular construction is for all types of families. Even more so, if it has an environment as warm and cozy as the one we’ve shown you. Wouldn’t you like to move into such an ideal space?

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