1500 ft2 with two wings

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1500 ft2 with two wings
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There was a time when modular construction was viewed exclusively as an emergency solution, something that is now behind us forever. What’s more, not only are they becoming popular across America, they are also entering the luxury sector. This high-end prefab house for only $50k is the best example of that: it even has two wings between which the rooms are distributed, and you’ll love it.

The luxury prefab house you’ll see in the U.S.: sales are skyrocketing

Pre-fab houses, which have become the other name of this format, are radically changing the (dynamics or scenario of) the homebuilding sector. Unlike the site-built houses that are constructed entirely on location by using the traditional methods of on-site assembly line, etc, the prefab homes are assembled on a factory.

Prefab homes are more beneficial over traditional construction methods because they save valuable materials, energy consumption, and cost. PCs in this category are cheaper, environmental friendly, and less power-hungry than high-end ones.

For instance, a prefab home design by Rocio Romero is a LV series. This 2nd type of model has the price of $45,000 for 1500 sq ft home. The LV Series purposefully has an open floor plan, with wiggle designs that harness and allow the natural light to flow all over the place.

A customizable prefab house: this is how to turn it into your dream house

The LV Series shoes are pretty much custom-fitted to your daily needs in your busy schedule. But the shell of the exterior is the same, Rocio Romero goes miles giving interior contents options to personalize your house. Regarding floor plans, you can expect for variety with a range of over 40 different layouts.

The floor plan can be chose along with the number of people you are, couple or family. The living area with the open concept great room is a particularly gorgeous location for hosting visitors. Builders gave literally gobs of options on top of floor plans when you go from choice of colors to fixtures, lighting, cabinetry, and appliances.

What makes this LV Series more desirable is the extra convenience of having a freedom to alter both floor plan layout and individual finishes to match your true self. Take your advantage to build the house applying common sense without spending much.

Architects have more design plans: these are the models you can ask for

The LV Series unique design is characterized by the home size adjustability according to the lifestyle of the contractor. What is offered by these recent prefab homes are 1,500 square-foot model houses for the 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom variety, which is the lowest available model.

Some example floor plans (which we have seen directly on their website and have loved) include:

  • The LV1 model at 1,500 square feet with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, cozy living and dining area plus an adjacent kitchen complete with a working desk for the optional office or an additional bedroom.
  • LV2 of 1800 square foot consisting of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, the large living room, the kitchen with plenty of space and the possible den.
  • The LV3 for instance spanning over 2,000 square feet and having 4 bedrooms as well as 2 bathrooms is one of these luxurious units. 5 baths, spacious living areas, large kitchen and a sizable to suit individual tastes.

As you can see, this prefab house is meant to offer something different to those who are already familiar with modular construction and its benefits. The architecture itself is not so different from other models we have seen, but its interior distributed in two well separated spaces. In fact, it is the best we know to create different environments, isn’t that how you build the home of your dreams?

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