3072 ft², 4 bedrooms and a large swimming pool

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3072 ft², 4 bedrooms and a large swimming pool

Who has never dreamed of living in a house with a swimming pool? The idea that this type of constructions are too expensive was true until now, when a prefab house oasis has arrived that dismantles it. Designed for lovers of the sea, it has an extension of more than 3000 ft2 and a very large lot for those who spend more time inside than outside, as may be your case.

The prefab house oasis you won´t believe: this is how it looks like

The House Port prefab is a modern, luxurious prefabricated home designed by Honomobo for sea lovers. Honomobo is a Canadian company that specializes in high-quality prefab homes that can be customized and adapted to various locations.

The House Port model features over 3000 square feet of living space and is oriented towards oceanfront living with its coastal design elements. It’s an ideal prefab home for those who want a turnkey, move-in ready house near the ocean that still has a custom feel.

Some key things to know about the House Port:

  • Prefabricated offsite using Honomobo’s modular construction then delivered and installed onsite.
  • Customizable floorplan and finishes.
  • High-end details and appliances.
  • Focus on indoor/outdoor living.

The coastal-inspired House Port aims to deliver the functionality of a traditional, site-built home with the convenience and quality of prefabrication. It is a model that combines the nature of the exterior with the rustic environment of the interior, something we love.

The prefab house oasis, inside: a charming and luminous setting

Port homes by House Prefab is a luxury that boasts a grand layout with 3,072 square feet of dwelling area. It is 4 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms put together, making it ideal. The main floor boasts an open layout with functions including a kitchen, a dining room and a living room that are connected.

The gourmet kitchen features excellent high-quality stainless steels appliances, of course the such large counter space and the common factor of most gourmet kitchen: the big center island. Right behind the kitchen next to it is sitting area with a table which is made to have for up to 8.

It has a pile ceiling and the light is coming from many sources. Additionally, there is the half bathroom on the main floor which is useful when necessary. Whereas upstairs is the 4 bed rooms with the large master bedroom features with both walk-in closet and bathroom that is private.

The other 3 bedrooms have big sizes with a hall bath as their access for cleaning. Whether the size is big enough depends on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, of course, and there’s always quite a room for family’s members or even overnight visitors.

The enigmatic and natural exterior of this prefab house: why you would love living in it

The House Port home boasts a modern exterior design with smooth shapes and wide windows in order to take use of all the northern light rays and to appreciate the landscape. The bunker has exterior siding, which comes from the durable fiber cement panels in the light grey and white colors to present a contemporary look.

There is a considerable open area that is about 2 sliding doors size next to the deck and pool area which give a chance for unlimited amount of indoor-outdoor living space. The front porch is a cylinder shape with a metal roof which provides shading.

The outdoor area has a grove of large trees and a pool covered by tropical plants. This can be said to be the best spot for relaxation, thanks to the lovely surroundings. The wooden decking is more than just a wooden material that it feels warm and brings the natural environment underfoot.

This prefab house oasis is by far the one we like the most among all the ones we have had the opportunity to see. The interior aspect, in symbiosis with a quiet and unpopulated exterior, give rise to a calm environment ideal for isolation from the bustle of the city. Wouldn’t you like to spend your days in a place like this? We certainly would, and so would thousands of people across America.

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