970 ft² and large windows

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970 ft² and large windows

Imagine living in a prefab house with breathtaking views, large windows and lush connections to nature. Wouldn’t you like to feel closer to the forest, or rather, to the air? It may sound a bit strange to you, but that’s what the architects of the model we’re going to show you today thought of. When you see it, you will understand why it seems to be levitating.

New prefab house you will be amazed to discover: is it suspended in the air?

The WeeHouse prefabricated home, so named after its Architects, is designed to be hung high up in the trees thus allowing for the beautiful scenery to be fully experienced. This new house of three modules, having an area of 74 square meters, is placed on pylons over the forest, with the huge windows along the floor.

It is a concept of a small house that is capable to fit into an existing environment having a minor footprint, while bringing a higher quality living space with nature around it. Unlike totally changing the Earth below, the house stays suspended and the big windows give the residents the connection with the surrounding nature.

Sustainable, high-quality materials for this innovative prefab house in U.S.

The WeeJouse is made from machine-sized panels that are made offsite and then boarded together on-site. It enables the project to have such a high level of accuracy and consistency which is really important when starting a construction process.

The primary building components are those made of environmentally-friendly cross-laminated timbre (CLT). The engineered wood panel of cross-laminated timber (CLT) is made of solid sawn lumber bonded together on perpendicular or in alternating directions.

This completes the roof section, which is done with the ventilation panels made in SIPs material. SIPs have the foam insulation envelope imbedded in two OSB skins, which form the core and structural site of the insulation system of these green homes.

The build-up of the Weelhouse is based on the prefabrication process that reduces the amount of work and time used for its construction. They are assembled on site through easily connected bolts. This, in turn, will contribute to diminishing the waste of materials used during construction.

How much this prefab house costs? Pay attention to the unexpected price

Our We-House is an attractive solution for prefabricating an economical home. The base model of this model is about $145,000, which includes the shell and the building’s structure. You may be surprised to learn that there are several options that can significantly bring the price of prefab homes down.

The site’s tiny dimension of 970 square feet allows you to have your dream house at a relatively low cost. Due to the mass-production in the factory using usual materials such as steel and plywood, its action scale is utilized, which results in lowering manufacturing costs.

Achieve in form of the WeeHouse a unique equilibrium of design, quality and value for money is going on. The design consideration that includes using the modern prefab technologies of smart construction makes the home price to be reasonable.

With a footprint of 970 square feet that can be modified in a number of ways while remaining efficient, it’s truly an expressive and functional space that offers the freedom to do as you wish. Using unconventional materials such as bamboo, quartz or ceramic tiles, your room will be designed to your personal taste.

A prefab house as natural and enigmatic as this one can only be the product of a trend that you know well, because we have discussed it in previous weeks. Bioclimatic architecture, inspired by the Passivhaus standard, is predominant in this type of modular construction. In other words: not only do you have your house in a few hours or a few days, you also live closer to nature.

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