a curious look and 100 ft² that you can buy

By Chanak Maduranga

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a curious look and 100 ft² that you can buy

Every prefab house we show you is unexpected, modern and almost futuristic. However, we have just discovered one that seems to be from the 22nd century because of a detail that no one can miss. What’s more, its architecture is so curious that you would love to live inside it. Find out what makes it special and you won’t lose sight of its natural charm and sustainable materials.

A prefab house that’s a century ahead: the Homb Taft model

The Homb Taft house is a notable Skylab Architecture prefabrication product that is located in Portland, Oregon. This, yet futuristic tiny home is just 100 square feet large but is equipped with a great deal of novel modern designs and the technology while using a small real estate area.

The Homb is a new vision for modern prefab housing which joins together modular building, technology and principles of adapting buildings together. Its aesthetic appearance will have with design in keeping with the future of small, sustainable and inexpensive living spaces.

Each room is thoughtfully planned and managed to give the feeling of space, airy and minimalist even though the micro cosmos dwells. The efficient configuration of furniture allows for the renovation of the studio using multi-purpose assets and making best use of limited space.

The short film Homm house exhibits a possible application of prefab architecture in capturing the attractive homes with a small footprint. Innovation of Home is the concept intended to make 21st century housing more affordable and eco-friendly by hitting right button.

The incredible design of this prefab house: it’s not what you’d expect

The Slopeside custom home was created by Skylab Architecture, which is an architecture firm located in Portland, Oregon, that has been using its bold and creative approach to modern designs for quite some time. From the archiecture point of view, the home has a very sleek, modernistic, bodily design with simple lines.

Some key design features include:

  • The boxy form of this shape with the flat roof.
  • Windows equipped with two sides rise towards the ceiling and expand across the whole width to catch as much natural light as possible.
  • The outer wall is covered by cedars siding that is stained darkly with white corners balancing the combination.
  • Interiors walls and ceilings are white which is maximize light and space production.
  • Open plan with rooms, easily moveable (adaptable).
  • White built-in cabinetry, in kitchen & furnished bedrooms & bathroom, integrated.
  • Polished concrete floors throughout
  • Steel beams and columns, in turns, provide the structure with safety and stability.

The house was designed like this so that it would always feel shinny and spacious, since it has plenty of windows and white color. The minimalist style utilizes a design style that helps to make a space calm and flexible because the process of sectioning off a space with walls only applies for the bathroom.

Why is this prefab house so different? What makes it special

The Homb manifests minimalism via the fact that it has an aesthetic proposal and no additional decoration. With its rectangular layout and flat shape, it resembles a stylish and modern concept. Large windows are the unique feature of the apartment that allow the residences to be brightly lit with natural lights,

The open layout is based on an architectural principle that stands behind it – walls and corridors are being demolished to make it feel more spacious. The aesthetic is maintained as also clean lines and neutral colors demonstrate simplicity.

With no clutter and everything needed for comfortable dwelling, it amazes me how we seemed to have all we need. Small do not vear on big if the space is properly designed, as shown by the Homb with every inch feeling completely used.

It is not rarely that you come in to a situation in life just like when you wake up. They want to be able to get to work in an efficient manner and not have to worry about the harsh weather conditions or spending a lot of time on transportation.

When sustainability came to the prefab house field, soon began to incorporate other attractions such as those we have seen in this model. The perfect fit of its materials shows how it has been innovated in those that work as thermal insulation, which is another example of bioclimatic architecture and passive house of which we have spoken on previous occasions.

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