an idea from Africa with this curious material

By Chanak Maduranga

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an idea from Africa with this curious material
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Modular construction is all the rage, which has given rise to new trends that are as curious as they are extravagant. One of them is the floating prefab house that you may have seen in networks these days, which will make you think you’re in Hawaii. The best part? It is an idea that comes from Africa and that comes from this incredible material that, without a doubt, will make you like this concept even more.

Modular construction is becoming more and more affordable: the trend you’ll want to know about

There is a new temptation of architecture design that has emerged-the floating prefab home. The cutting-edge accommodations are factory preassembled module-type structures which could be installed on the water surface. The main concept is to design an amphibious prefab home which is sustainable and affordable.

With participation from different architects and designers, the trial of these houses with floatation using different materials, like steel, concrete and plastic have been realized all over the world. The prefabricated units can, so, be transported over-water and constructed at-site when called for.

The architecture of the idea of a detached houses is much preferable over people’s houses on land. They act like a safeguard to flooding incidents, giving the general public an alternative source of power from the solar. .. that does not consume space on the ground.

A floating prefab house that will take you to Hawaii… passing through Africa

The Floating Music Hub is a new engineering project that consists on a floating structure constructed by the architect Kunlé Adeyemi and his firm, NLÉ. Established in the country called Cape Verde, which is situated on the top part of Africa’s west coast, the vividly colored building combines music, society, and sustainability.

Synthesized for the top of the oceans surface, the hub-structure was made from modular pieces that were factory-made from heavy timber and metal. This arch becomes dominant shape on the monumental building and is patterned after the natural landscape and coastal topography of the area.

This masterpiece has two roles, being both a functional structure and the landscape ornament. Its outlook ensures that it fits into the scenic background very well. Kunlé Adeyemi, the Nigerian-born, German-American architect’s work is regarded as a masterpiece of the architectural world.

The Floating Music Hub is a living proof for Adeyemi’s belief on expanding community living space that has the capacity of being moved as the boat rises from the water. His approach of building structures in collaboration with water shows a creative agency as a response to the dangers posed by climate change.

A unique and innovative design, over the sea and with this curious shape

The Floating Music Hubresidence is a floater as there are no other buildings structurally designed in the same way. Architect Kunlé Adeyemi of NLÉ drew from the community’s fishing base and developed a prefabricated modular structure that forms an architectural wonder visually floating on the water.

The architecture is based on a modular system comprised of three-bladed modules made of recycled plastic and locally sourced timber. The individual modules are mounted together, forming a star shape with empty space between the stars. This results in gazing primitive shape, placed on the edging the water.

In addition to it, structure can also be easily transferable and put in the foundation fro our choice of site. The base for the floating portion relies on a very straightforward and ingenious construction. The structure base is designed in a pillar-and beam system, with triangular concrete piles resting on a floating platform.

What do you think about this floating prefab house? The predominant and special use they have made of wood, in addition to the choice of native species from each region, gives a more natural feeling to the environment. Undoubtedly, an example of natural architecture (not bioclimatic) that will be increasingly popular in America, perhaps surpassing those of Porsche that we saw a few days ago.

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