Inspired by Scandinavian design for just $37,000

By Chanak Maduranga

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Inspired by Scandinavian design for just $37,000

Those who are looking for a prefab house (of which you have been able to know several with us), do it for the tranquility that comes with living away from the city, although this location is not essential. If you are one of those who prefer the quiet life, we have found a model that is almost a bunker from the bustle of the street and cars, with a rustic and natural architecture that will fascinate you.

My Cabin concept, a revolution for a U.S. prefab house: that´s why it´s so different

The tiny house movement has exploded in recent years, with more and more people choosing to downsize their living spaces. One standout example is the My Cabin line of Scandinavian-inspired prefab cabins, which start at just $37,000. These elegantly minimalist small homes are designed to foster relaxation and productivity through their efficient use of space and connection to nature.

At under 400 square feet, the base My Cabin model achieves a remarkable balance of design, customization, quality and affordability. Built off-site in a factory, the cabins can be easily delivered and installed on a foundation at your location. Their clean aesthetic and abundant natural light cultivate a soothing ambiance, while space-saving furniture maximizes usable area.

Thoughtful details like large windows, high ceilings and smart storage make the small interiors feel expansive. These diminutive dwellings may be compact, but they contain everything one needs for comfortable living.

387 ft2 of luxury and elegance: the new concept for a tiny prefab house

Despite its small size at only 387 square feet, the cabin’s design ensures it doesn’t feel cramped or limiting. My Cabin incorporates several clever space-saving elements that maximize usable space.

For example, the sleeping loft overhead makes use of vertical space, while built-in storage under the loft and stairs prevent wasted space. The open floor plan seamlessly connects the living room, kitchen, and dining area. Large windows and high ceilings enhance the feeling of openness.

The cabin can comfortably accommodate 1-3 people without feeling crowded. The thoughtful layout provides ample room for relaxing, working, cooking, and sleeping. Everything is carefully designed to make the most of every inch.

My Cabin can also operate entirely off-grid when outfitted with solar power and a composting toilet. This capability allows for placement in remote locations without utility connections. The tiny home’s efficiency enables freedom and flexibility when choosing a site.

My Cabin´s main valour: customization and personalization in a prefab house

The My Cabin is built to order in the company’s factory in Estonia using precision digital manufacturing techniques. This allows the cabins to be constructed faster and with more consistent quality than traditional on-site “stick built” construction. Once complete, the cabins are transported via truck to the customer’s site and can be assembled in as little as 1-2 days.

The modular nature of the construction also allows for customization, as the cabins use interchangeable wall, floor, and roof panels. Customers can choose from different layouts and select optional add-ons like extra windows, a sleeping loft, or a front porch. Materials are sustainably sourced Baltic pine and spruce.

Building the cabins off-site allows My Cabin to have full control over quality. The computer-optimized design and assembly line construction ensures each cabin meets exacting standards for fit and finish. This also reduces material waste. Precise fabrication methods like CNC milling are used to cut panels, frames, and other elements to perfectly fit together on-site.

Overall, the modular factory construction enables rapid delivery of high quality, customizable cabins without the uncertainties of traditional building. Customers can have a turnkey minimalist retreat built to their specifications in a fraction of the normal construction time.

As you can see, this prefab house has everything to be one of the best sellers in our country (although you already know which one holds the first place). The key is in its architecture that, without being bioclimatic, is very close to nature, both inside and outside, with a design that invites relaxation and calm life.

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