it is 100% green and has this unexpected detail

By Chanak Maduranga

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it is 100% green and has this unexpected detail

Modular homes are becoming popular among various sectors of American society, among them, those seeking a way of life in greater contact with nature, sustainable and different in every way. That’s just what this new prefab house that is sweeping the country offers you. The reason? It has its own forest on the roof, a landscape that is certainly hard to imagine.

New prefab house you´ll love: it´s not in the U.S., but can be sent

Green Nest House is a new-made house that is designed and built in Spain by On-A studio and Evergreen Studio. The enterprise was established in 2020 in Valencia, Spain and has the mission to provide high-quality, environmentally-friendly prefab houses for the masses.

The On-A design is meant to be easy to produce and assemble although it still gives a custom flair. The houses are made in a factory utilizing wood, steel, and other materials. They are then moved and instantly put up onsite in just a few days.

The main reason why On-A was created is to provide students with a chance to become an entrepreneur resulting in them being able to pass through a whole different meaning in the life. Their own position is to make the modern, energy-efficient housing more cheap and accessible.

They apply a mold building technique which results in the simplification of the production process and at the same time, some customization is enabled. This prefab, which is a new model, is their main design that is meant for the Spanish market.

A camouflaged design for privacy, peace of mind and discretion

The most amazing thing of the Green Nest House is the fact that it is camouflaged (or it seems to be like that). The siding of the roof has different shades of colors like the greens, browns, and grays that make the house merge with the surrounding nature.

This camouflage design has several details you will love:

  • It renders the home to be like the natural forests or fields. The subdued colors and the organic patterns of the house make it look like it is a natural part of the landscape.
  • It is possible to use it to help the home meet the regulations in the protected natural areas that have restricted visibility of the construction.
  • The colors and patterns are the clear sign of the biophilic design that is the way of connecting architecture and nature.

In a word, the camouflage exterior is a design choice which puts stress on the natural integration and privacy rather than on the bold visual presence. It gives advantages in certain circumstances but not in every situation it might not be the best choice for every buyer.

The best part? It has a rooftop garden (not like the ones in NY)

The Green Nest House, being a very invention characterized by the fact that one of its most innovative features is the use of a spray. Through the wise landscaping, lighting and furnishing, the rooftop oasis can be customized into a signature feature of the home.

The purpose is to enable residents to have a relaxing outdoor space while being able to grow plants, herbs or vegetables without any problem although the home’s small footprint. The garden roof is a great way of utilizing an otherwise useless space and turns it into an extraordinary feature.

The waterproofing and drainage that make it safe and functional are the necessary things for it to be in a good condition. Hence, the garden area introduces nature into an urban surroundings and makes a wise use of the full volume of the building.

This prefab house is an example of how conventional construction is losing followers, and not only because of the greater ecological impact it implies. The truth is that more and more people prefer to live in more natural environments, and the bioclimatic architecture presented by this model is a great option. Who wouldn’t want to live with a forest on their roof? We, of course, would be delighted.

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