it is transparent and strangely shaped

By Chanak Maduranga

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it is transparent and strangely shaped
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Imagine what it would be like to live in a modular house, surrounded by nature and far from the big concrete blocks that dominate the landscape in our cities. Don’t you think it would be a great idea? This is what we come to show you today, with a prefab house that has become the perfect mountain retreat. Discover what could be the house of your dreams… with a shape that no one can explain.

A prefab house for a mountain retreat? You´ve just find the perfect one

The Mountain Refuge has a unique triangular shape that is not like the usual cabins. Its main characteristic is the transparent glass walls on all sides which provide the patrons with the views of the scenery and wildlife around. Wouldn’t you like to go on a mountain retreat? One of those that make you disconnect from everything.

The minimalist design is also persistent in the internal area with the open spaces and the furniture that is very sparse. The glass walls have hinged doors that can be opened fully to create an indoor and outdoor link. The living spaces have glossy concrete floors and wood paneled walls and ceilings.

The triangular shape of the building maximizes the views of the outdoors and thus, makes for a very dynamic architecture. The glass walls create the sense of transparency and thus, the inside and outside become one. The simple interiors allow to concentrate on the stunning natural environment surrounding the concept.

With solar energy and sustainable materials: why it’s the most efficient prefab house

Mountain Refuge cabin was built keeping in mind the sustainability as the key factor. The builders were busy choosing the materials and construction methods that were supposed to reduce the environmental impact. The cabin is built with the help of energy-efficient materials such as the structurally insulated panels (SIPs).

SIPs are prefabricated insulated structures that are better insulated than the wood-frame construction. This saves a lot of energy that can be used for heating and cooling. The Mountain Refuge uses solar panels to get power, which are installed on the roof.

The solar array can fully cater to the electricity needs of the cabin through the use of the clean renewable energy. Solar power that is more than needed is saved in batteries for consumption at night or on a cloudy day. This system of solar energy which is located off-grid enables the home to be sustainable without the electricity grid.

The fact that the prefabricated modular design is a one-piece unit, makes the ecological impact low. The cabin is made in a factory by using the specific manufacturing techniques. The material waste is reduced when you build on-site, so you can say that less material waste is involved compared to the construction on-site stick-by-stick.

The interior design of this prefab house: everyone notices this detail

The interior design of the Mountain Refuge is aimed at the making of the open and airy atmosphere which is in connection with the natural surroundings. The home has glass walls and ceiling so as a result the inside is bright all the time.

The floor plan is entirely open, with the interior walls almost non-existent that disrupt the space. This gives the people inside the house the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic mountain views fully. The minimalist style also makes the interior feel more airy and open.

Decoration is very limited, with only a few items of modern furniture made of natural materials, such as wood, metal, and stone, which are used to create a modern look. The aim is to make the outside part of the house to be the decor, and therefore the mountainscape becomes a part of the house decor.

This prefab house has made us think, first of all, that modular construction is not only sweeping for its ecological value, but also because it gives rise to new ways of raising housing. Who would have imagined such an extravagant exterior? This goes far beyond isolating oneself from the big buildings and skyscrapers of the big city; it is a new way of living, much more peaceful and sustainable.

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