Jon Lovett Joins Survivor for Season 47

By Chanak Maduranga

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Jon Lovett Joins Survivor for Season 47
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The next season of Survivor looks to have a familiar face, with former Obama administration speechwriter and Pod Save America co-host Jon Lovett seemingly among the contestants for season 47.

During Wednesday night’s finale of season 46 of Survivor, CBS‘ teaser ad for the next season featured Lovett, although none of the contestants were named and there has been no official confirmation. His participation had been speculated by a notable Survivor fan site, with Inside Survivor including Lovett among their rumored cast list earlier on Wednesday.

Lovett’s inclusion was confirmed by his former Obama administration colleague and fellow Crooked Media founder Jon Favreau on X, formerly Twitter, who quote tweeted the ad with the words “What did I tell you? Eat Pray Lovett.”

In the ad spot, Lovett says, “I have no outdoor skills. What am I doing here? I went camping as a cub scout, I threw up and went home.”

Aysha Welch, who covers Survivor for Rob Has a Podcast, also appears in the teaser ad as a potential season 47 contestant.

Lovett’s prospective appearance in Survivor sparked a wave of shocked reaction on social media, with the likes of Primo and Neon creator Shea Serrano and Franklin Leonard among the Hollywood figures who were taken aback by the news.

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