Jacksonville Jaguars Extend Josh Allen’s Contract: A Closer Look

By Chanak Maduranga

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Josh Allen gets massive extension

Josh Allen gets massive extension

The Jacksonville Jaguars have solidified their defense by securing star edge rusher Josh Allen for the long haul. Allen, known for his dynamic playmaking ability, has received a substantial contract extension after being tagged with the franchise designation.

The Massive Deal

Allen’s new contract, valued at $150 million over five years, marks a significant investment by the Jaguars in their defensive prowess. This deal, which includes $88 million in guaranteed money, propels Allen into the upper echelon of non-quarterback earners in the NFL.

Dominance on the Field

Coming off a remarkable season with 17.5 sacks, Allen has showcased his prowess as a premier pass rusher. His impact on the field is undeniable, making him a cornerstone of the Jaguars‘ defensive strategy for years to come.

A Strategic Move

The Jaguars’ decision to secure Allen’s services long-term underscores their commitment to building a formidable roster. By locking in key players like Allen, the team aims to maintain competitiveness and stability in the ever-changing landscape of the NFL.

Building for the Future

Allen’s extension adds to a series of strategic moves by the Jaguars, including securing offensive tackle Cam Robinson and tight end Evan Engram to extensions. These signings reflect the organization’s proactive approach to roster management and player retention.

Looking Ahead

As the Jaguars navigate the complexities of salary cap management, they face decisions regarding other key players, including quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Balancing these considerations is crucial for sustaining success and building a championship-caliber team.


With Josh Allen’s massive extension, the Jacksonville Jaguars have affirmed their commitment to excellence on the gridiron. As they continue to build and evolve, securing top talent like Allen positions the team for sustained success in the competitive landscape of the NFL.


How much is Josh Allen’s new contract worth?

Josh Allen’s new contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars is valued at $150 million over five years, with $88 million guaranteed.

What position does Josh Allen play?

Josh Allen is an edge rusher known for his ability to disrupt opposing offenses and generate sacks.

What other moves have the Jaguars made in the offseason?

In addition to Josh Allen’s extension, the Jaguars have secured offensive tackle Cam Robinson and tight end Evan Engram to contract extensions.

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