Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Past Seasons to Be Free on YouTube

By Chanak Maduranga

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Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Past Seasons to Be Free on YouTube

Last Week Tonight fans hankering for their John Oliver fix this week won’t have a new episode to satiate them, but the show is making up for that by offering the first season for free on YouTube.

The show’s official X (formerly Twitter) account posted the news on Friday.

“There’s no new episode this week!” the X post read. “But we still have current events. From 10 years ago. This Sunday we’ll be dropping all of season 1 for free on YouTube!”

The post added that subsequent seasons will drop on YouTube the next time there isn’t a new episode of Last Week Tonight.

“Seasons 2-8 to come, whenever we don’t have a new episode. Trust us, some of this is still completely relevant. Some,” continued the post, which was accompanied by a video of highlights from the show’s first season, which focused on topics including Gaza, immigration, the Supreme Court, climate change and the death penalty. Of course, he’s revisited those topics numerous times on the show, which is now in its 11th season.

In February, HBO made news when it announced that it would be delaying Last Week Tonight segments on YouTube for a four days after episodes premiere, in an effort to drive viewers to Max, its sibling streaming platform. The clips previous dropped on YouTube the morning after an episode aired.

Oliver wasn’t happy about the move, posting on X: “I hope they change their mind.”

Asked recently if he’s had any further conversations with HBO about the move, he told The Hollywood Reporter: “No, not at all. That was their decision.”

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