Last West Coast Locals Reach Craft-Specific Deals

By Chanak Maduranga

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Last West Coast Locals Reach Craft-Specific Deals

All West Coast IATSE Locals have now reached tentative agreements with studios and streamers on their craft-specific issues.

The remaining two Locals of the crew union that had yet to cement provisional agreements, the propmakers’ and set decorators’ union Local 44 and the studios teachers’ union Local 884, reached their deals on Thursday and the prior Friday, IATSE announced. They join 11 other West Coast unions that previously hashed out agreements, which are still subject to a ratification vote by members, since bargaining over these Local-specific contracts began in March.

“Our locals’ craft-specific issues required the employers’ attention, and at the table we’re seeing improved engagement and dialogue,” IATSE vp Mike Miller said in a statement. “That indicates the studios’ negotiators have different marching orders this contract cycle. This approach will be helpful as we continue our negotiations over the next few weeks.”

IATSE’s general negotiations over its Basic Agreement — which covers the 13 West Coast Locals — will restart on April 29 and are currently scheduled to continue until May 16. Those negotiations will tackle hot-button issues including workplace conditions, wages, health and pension contributions and the regulation of AI.

As THR previously reported, IATSE is specifically looking to make “comparable and proportionate gains” in residuals that measure up to the new performance-based streaming bonuses that SAG-AFTRA and the Writers Guild of America secured after their strikes in 2023. The union is also seeking to impose greater financial penalties for long work days and/or missed break periods and wants to restrict subcontractors from allegedly doing work covered under its contract.

As its general negotiations resume, IATSE has also scheduled a rally and march on May 1 to take place in Hollywood. A solidarity car-painting event is also schedule for Saturday at the Costume Designers Guild in Burbank.

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