Laurenzside Signs With CAA

By Chanak Maduranga

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Laurenzside Signs With CAA

YouTube star Laurenzside, also known as Lauren Weber, has signed with CAA for representation.

The gaming content creator has gathered over 13 million combined followers, and earned nearly 4 billion views on YouTube as her videos each earns an average one million views. Laurenzside’s draw is comedic gameplay and improv for her YouTube channel with video titles like 24 Hour Living as My Sim Challenge, I Tried Working as a Bus Driver… But My Passengers Are Creepy and I Worked 100 Jobs… But They Were All Terrifying.

CAA will be looking to expand Laurenzside’s business opportunities by leveraging her growing digital community. Her videos have a backdrop of playing games across Sims, Minecraft, Roblox, as well as indie horror games, while also introducing personality-based skits and challenges.

In 2022, she hosted her own YouTube Originals show, Secret Saboteurs, which pitted eight top content creators against one other to win a $100,000 grand prize. 

Laurenzside has also had success securing traffic for longer YouTube videos up to 30 minutes, rather than shorter videos typically on the Google platform. She is also a successful social media influencer, having worked with top brands in and out of gaming, including Google, NBC, Disney, So-Fi, Epic Games, HP and Adobe.

Laurenzside is also managed by H.E. Caldwell at Those Who Wonder.

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