luxury furnishings in the middle of the forest

By Chanak Maduranga

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luxury furnishings in the middle of the forest

A prefab house has just taken the American market by storm, with a simple and familiar concept that many are loving. Do you know where it is? If you like quiet living, you’ll be blown away by this 250 ft2 model worth only $104k. Can you imagine which one we’re talking about? Maybe you’ve seen it on social media, and we’re not surprised, but there’s one aspect that will blow your mind.

New prefab house in U.S. to revolutionize the building market

The TrailSide from Wheelhaus is a prefabricated tiny house that is just 10 feet by 9 feet, giving the owner 250 square feet of the total living space. It is made by the Wheelhaus Tiny Homes company. With this advance tiny home design, many amenities that were thought to be too big to fit in are now accepted and loved.

The Roadhaus comes fully constructed from Wheelhaus’s factory in Colorado and can be easily transported via truck to locations across America. Its mobility and small size allow it to be situated in a variety of environments, from urban areas to off-grid forest locations.

It’s crucial to be realistic in communicating sustainability goals, as it can enhance credibility and foster long-term environmental improvements but can also lead to skepticism and low buy-in if not handled with care. The initial price of the Roadhaus is $104 000.

Wheelhause deploys the use of technology and preassembled processes to improve the design quality and having the top-end finishes and quality appliances. This small size squared feet demonstrates the fact micro architecture can be not only cozy but also highly sustainable.

The interior of this rustic prefab house: relaxation, harmony and warmth

The Wheelhaus Roadhaus encompasses a fashionable, purposeful and responsible interior living space designed for small space living. To put it all in a nutshell, in terms of the space that it occupies, The 250 square foot tiny house was created utilizing simple lines, neutral colors, and multi-functional furnishings.

The internal design is a single room integrated for the cooking kitchen, eating of the dinning and sitting activities. The kitchen comes with a smart fridge with a capacity of 2.8 cubic feet, LG induction two-burner cooktop, and an in-sinkerator for easy and convenient cooking.

There is a sofa featuring a hidden bed that lies across from the living room separated by the kitchen. Light colors and the lack of elements that may demarcate the area contribute to the sensation that a compact space has an expansive and clean appearance.

Last but not least, the bedroom loft, which can be accessed by ladder mounted on the wall lies right behind the home. The attic serves to accommodate the additional sleeping room and household/stuff. The attic (penthouse) has the glass enclosed, which allow the light to go through the interior of the small space.

Most impressive: quality and sustainable materials for this prefab house

The building it’s made from  good quality and durable materials that allow it to be energy-efficient and it could face different environments, the Roadhaus is created. It is constructed out of a heavy duty steel framework, which serves as a framework support.

The walls are SIPs construction that has OSB sheets inside and outside. In between the two sheets are foam core. SIPs besides acting as an insulators, are also depicted as small weight elements that do not create air infiltration. The wooden board and batten used for cladding is FSC certified.

Other materials are chosen to have low VOC emissions or be reused. The materials of the outer cover and insulation are compose of renewable wood products from managed forests and recycled material, respectively. Except for the very few structural elements that are brought together as new components.

It’s clear that this prefab house is going to be a model that will be remembered for years to come, more for its simplicity than its decorative concept. We have seen them rustic and also Nordic, but never one that fits so well with an unpopulated environment as this one. In fact, it’s perfect to fill the void in the middle of the forest and make room for a quiet and natural life, isn’t that what you’re looking for? Maybe you’ve found it.

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