modular construction, 10.000 ft² with this detail

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modular construction, 10.000 ft² with this detail

During these months, you have been seeing some modular homes that are causing a furor in America. Which one have you liked the most? This time, we want to show you a prefab house model that does not come from our country but from the other side of the ocean. It is inspired by nature, reminiscent of the docks and seas. Can you imagine how it can be? You will love it, and the best thing is that you can buy it.

The prefab house everyone´s talking about is not American

A new makeshift house assembled in the fabricated form has become very popular in Portugal. The new, modern 10,000-square-foot house with modular construction consists of many new and innovative features and has already attracted the public’s attention for its unique properties.

The house, planned by a famous Portuguese architect, aims to show how prefab can lead to the creation of super high-quality, custom housing that is also eco-friendly and technologically advanced. Its peculiar shape was created using 3D software, and the modules were factory-built for exactness.

The large interior is characterized by a free plan that allows the inhabitants to feel the sunlight coming in from outside. Smart home technology is a tool that allows the user to have intelligent control over the lighting, temperature, and security.

On the contrary, the modular prefab houses that have a reputation of being cheap have proved them that they can be created as luxurious and unique. Its instant acclaim has people asking if it is a glimpse of the future of housing in Portugal and the world.

The design of this wonderful Portuguese prefab house: you will love it

The Portuguese prefab house is all about the minimalist design and layout, making it so impressive. The architecture master João Tiago Aguiar concentrated on simple, elegant lines, open spaces, and simplicity.

The external design is characterized by a striking rectangular shape with a flat roof. Big windows are the ones that make it possible for the natural light to be inside the room. The mixture of the monochromatic color palette of white, black and wood generates a soothing, modern aesthetical taste.

The open floor plan gives an air of an inhabited connection between the living, dining, and kitchen areas. The house, spanning 10,000 square feet of space, appears to be a vast but comfortable one. The house is all about the minimalist decor which consists of smooth surfaces and hidden storage.

The outline is centered around the functionality. The ground floor is the space for the common areas whereas the second floor will be used for the bedrooms and bathrooms. Even though the home is prefab, it still feels like it was designed by a master craftsman for both parties: entertaining and family life.

One of the best examples of modular homes you will ever see

The Casa Valedo is a modern man-made structure which is constructed using the mobile or modular method. Thus, the architect can modify the house to his/her liking and use the prefabricated modules at the same time. The modules are built offsite in a controlled factory conditions under which the modules are produced.

After the materials are rounded up, they are brought to the place and are put together. This enables for accurate and detailed production and the guarantee of the product. The modules are similar to the bricks, that you can arrange and organize in your own way, or you can have a predefined layout and configuration.

The architect can employ the standard modules but arrange them in such a way that they would result in uncommon houses. Modules can be also combined and modified. Similarly, two modules can be linked to form a bigger spacious open-concept area.

A prefab house like this leaves very little room for conventional construction, don’t you think? The truth is that we love models like these, inspired by the sea and in connection with a more open and calm nature. That always without detracting from those that are located in the woods, which are the ones that are growing in popularity throughout America.

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