“monumental” and ready in 2 weeks

By Chanak Maduranga

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“monumental” and ready in 2 weeks
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When we talk about modular housing (which we love), we do it from a different point of view. We always try to prioritize those that are sustainable and, of course, extravagant. That’s just what we’ve found with this floating prefab house where you can live on the water. Its price? Very low, you’ll see now. Best of all? It takes two weeks to assemble, that’s all.

The prefab house is all the rage, but what is the most popular trend?

The recent rise in the popularity of the homes built on floating platforms which are being prefabricated makes the statement of the input sentence quite true. The special houses that are made of modules combine the advantages of modular construction and advanced marine technology.

Prefab homes that float have become more common as a new and creative architectural idea that is easy to construct yet is high quality. Their modular design enables the major parts of the house to be built away from the site, protecting it from delays caused by the weather.

After the modules are finished, the modules are sent to the home site and united to construct a finished home in no more than days. This has been the fastest construction process ever. Hence, it’s a great advantage over the traditional construction, with some brands like Porsche (yes, Porsche) we´ll see now.

Why a floating prefab house? Or rather: how to build one?

The floating prefab houses are made of the technology that enables them to float and thereby they can stay stable on the water. They get rid of the problem of water logging through the creation of concrete pontoons that are a part of the foundation and the flooring of the homes.

The floating sections are connected to a dock or mooring to keep them in place. Apart from the conventional vehicles, some of them also have electric motors that enable them to go for short distances for repositioning. Nevertheless, they are not meant for frequent travel as a boat.

The pontoons are able to distribute the weight evenly under the home while also having the water displaced. They maintain the living space and prevent the vehicle to tilt and capsizing, even in windy or wavy conditions. This is the reason why the floating prefab homes are the best choice for living on the sea.

One of the most significant advantages of prefab floating homes is that they can be built in a shorter time than conventional site-built houses. Because the modular sections are manufactured in a factory outside the site, the onsite assembly can be finished within 2-3 weeks.

Porsche’s floating prefab house, in detail: it’s not cheap, and it has this detail

The prefab floating houses from Porsche are costly, as they have a base model price of over $1 million. This pricing at the top of the range is because of the use of high-end materials, customization options, and the inclusion of luxury amenities.

Buyers will most likely pay even more than the price of the base for the enhanced features, larger square footage and the uniquely designed architecture. The modular design has the potential to be very flexible, yet, clients must be ready to pay more for customization.

Imagine what it would be like to live in a floating prefab house with top quality, sustainable materials and a very different architectural concept. It’s clear why it’s one of the best-selling models in America, and not just because it takes two weeks to assemble. The designers wanted to show that there was something beyond the classic in modular construction, and no one doubts that they have succeeded.

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