New mirror prefab house that disappears into the forest: American forest lovers will go crazy

By Chanak Maduranga

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New mirror prefab house that disappears into the forest: American forest lovers will go crazy

The rise of the prefab house in the United States is an issue that we have analyzed on other occasions, but today we want to go further. Do you know which is the most popular model these weeks? We have met a mirrored one that blends in with the forest and is, so to speak, invisible. Didn’t you want a connection with nature? With this one, you’re going to get it.

New prefab house for forest lovers: you won´t believe how is “disappears”

The mirrored exterior walls which makes the O-O-D house stands out by reflection of its surrounding nature, when mounted on natural terrain, is an innovative prefabricated tiny home. IGNATA Studio is the concept of the architectural team of Italians Gjoko Murat.

Situated in the mountainous area of Trentino, Italy, the mirrored surfaces minimize the size of the minimalist O-O-D house to create it blending into the background of the forest and skies naturally. The tiny home being the first example of an abode is not only sustainable architecture.

Architect Giuseppe Gurrieri who believes in creative vision has experimented with the O-O-D (which stands for Open Open Domestic) tiny house. It breaks the barriers of the interior & exterior themes, and have a seamless indoors & outdoors.

The absence of the boundary between inside and outside creates an inspiring symbiosis with nature, a phenomenon that is usually a privilege of those who live in bigger and better-quality buildings. Green living way of life but also shows how efficient and environment-friendly prefab designs can be.

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The Ood House is an exemplary work that represents a novel concept in the design industry which embodies a building that would seem to “get lost” in the foliage of the nearby nature. The designer wanted to design a house that would collaborate closely in a minimalist manner with nature.

For Nakamura, the humanization of the style was rooted in the way he conceptualized man’s natural environment as the background for all forms of human life. He concluded that this house should not appear too prominent in the valley, but also should not leave a big ecological imprint.

Ood House must be movable as well as not to be a burden on the topography and leave no trace behind. Perhaps the best example of simplicity and humbleness was the design of Nakamura’s home. It was a small prefab house with the intention to orient the living environment.

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The OOD House exhibits a stay-presenting mirrored exterior which reflects the adjacent forest, besides the building itself, making it seem as if it was one of the trees. The mirror of the tiny prefab brings the house a touch of magic as it appear to change its environment in colors and textures anytime.

The home has an open floor plan for that stuffed in the whole 227 square foot area. Small but tasteful elements provide this dressing with a sense of space and volume. Pine, light and softener of the walls and ceilings, gives way to open, calming interior.

Unique design characteristics, such as an unconventional roof that has the slope from the roof down to ground and big windows that erase the line indoors and outdoors and narrow wooden deck around the house also add a lot in the rugged design of this house.

All in all, the calm exterior together with the perfect integration of inside and outside produce a tiny home emphasizing a living place in balance with nature. The straightforward, uncomplicated design makes it possible to feel at one with the forest that in fact is brought into the living room.

The truth is that a prefab house like this one has everything to win over even those who prefer traditional construction. We are talking about a model that blends in with the environment, in a clear example of bioclimatic architecture, a trend that began more than a century ago and that we have not yet been able to appreciate. Best of all, of course, its sustainable potential, which is very high.

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