Prefab house of 969 ft² and rustic decoration

By Chanak Maduranga

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Prefab house of 969 ft² and rustic decoration

Those who love living in nature are seeing how traditional construction does not meet their needs, don’t you think? This is precisely what we are going to show you with an excellent alternative like this prefab house hidden in the forest. It has a very large surface that you will love and, of course, with a rustic decoration more than admirable and aesthetic.

New prefab house you will love: hidden in the forest and quite elegant

The prefab houses or modular buildings are the new battering rams. It is the fact that you can reduce at least one third of construction time by doing it prefab. From these buildings, the livewares are installed off-site in a factory using the same standardized building components and are then transported to the building site.

Prefab dwellings exhibit many advantages such as short working time, economical rent, infinitesimal waste, and high energy efficiency. Mazzini House is an ultimate architectural piece that is a presentation of a modern prefab housing designed by Ihouse Estudio, a Mexico based architecture firm.

At the foot of the pine forest in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, there is a tiny 969 square foot residence made in the shape of a triangle with a constantly changing roof and a facade at different angle. The house’s pioneering triangular modules are high on the skyline, allow free views from the inside and out.

The most special thing, the location of this incredible prefab house: not in the U.S.

Mazzini house is situated in a countryside of Argentina known as very breathtaking featuring dense forests and sloping hills. Isolation helped the designing team to come up with creative solutions, but it was also the biggest challenger for the team.

On the bright side, the natural environment was designed as another area for creative space and freedom without concern of conforming to neighborhood visual appearance or rules explicitly. The rural location further ensure the house was extension cord of solar power thus being self-reliant with water system too.

This challenge was overcome through modular construction method, where modular panels were constructed off-site in the workshop and trucked to the platting area. It also brought speed of installation into play which is unmatched in the conventional construction.

Overall, the village setting had tremendous scenery but at the same lime it required innovation at the details. Because of the modularity of this technique, mass housing, which had previously been moved to the deep forests of Argentina, was now considered modern.

The exterior of this prefab house, an unseen concept hidden in the forest

The MazziniHouse exterior has a rustic look. Natural materials, such as wood and stones are used to achieve it. Large windows allow the residents to enjoy the views all the way in the lovely forest. The facade adopts the juxtaposition of elements in the form of vertical wood siding topped by a stone-stacked base.

The cabin is located right next to the lake, so you can sit on the porch and enjoy the scenery with a feeling of cabin wellness. The eaves of the broad roof protrude to form canopies cover the windows. These canopies prevent the brightness of noon sun from entering the inner spaces as well as shield them.

Floor-to-ceiling windows as well as sliding glass doors provide an easy access to an L-shaped deck which surrounds the main living area. The amazing dimensions of the windows make the own beautiful and bright. This outdoor space enables us to provide more comfortable living and host parties.

As you walk in, a covered porch of course lets air flow from the outside to inside of the house. The porch can then double as the outdoor lounging area for the package of staying protected from both sun and rain. Gracefully situated wooden steps of the driveway to main porch.

At this point, it is clear how this prefab house not only stands out for being hidden in the forest, but also for its rustic and simple style. An elegant concept, based on bioclimatic architecture and the Passivhaus standard that we like to see in models like this one that, as if that were not enough, also bet on sustainable and renewable materials, without forgetting the wood.

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