prefab house suspended on the mountain with 336 sq ft

By Chanak Maduranga

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prefab house suspended on the mountain with 336 sq ft

Imagine living in a prefab house with breathtaking views, large windows and lush connections to nature. Wouldn’t you like to feel closer to the forest, or rather, to the air? It may sound a bit strange to you, but that’s what the architects of the model we’re going to show you today thought of. When you see it, you will understand why it seems to be levitating.

This prefab house is not hidden in the forest, but suspended in the air

Set on the slope of a mountains that stands tall in Catskills of New York is a fascinating two bedroom prefabrogated house that has one of nature’s marvelous views and close to nature, completely get interesting. The 336 -square-foot home, called the WeeHouse, was designed and constructed at the Alchemy Architects.

This minute hut does more with less in a bid to create tailor-made, comfortable environment. The creative architectural design exploits the spectacular site by installing large windows and pure design leading the occupants to unite themselves with densely forested mountains.

It is very affordable retreat whose price is $60,000 and brings about an excellent subtle living. The hut’s basic design and organic materials make it blend in to the mountain surroundings. Big windows and an open interior build the feeling of a room with absolutely no limits.

The design and the feature of this prefab house suspended in the air you will love

WeeHouse concept was created by Alchemy Architects – architecture company located in Denver, CO – that solely focuses on designing modern prefabricated houses. The Alchemy was client-focused in such a way that they took into account the needs of their clients and provided them with required minor housing.

Being created in the shape of an angle and utilizing vertical siding of wood, the WeeHouse integrates into the sloped site partially while maximizing the views and making a cozy interior. The property is a cozy bungalow enough in size which fits well the given small plot of land on the slope.

Even though this is a residential housing system that doesn’t meet conventional housing standards, it includes many of the features in larger houses, including a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom loft, and living room. From an inside view, the architecture of the house was brilliantly built with a high sloping ceiling and luminous windows.

Small, but in a quiet place and with architectural design you won´t believe

Then, yet small 336 sq ft layout of the WeeHouse is unique. In fact the space is much space usable, in view of the open floor plan and the number of windows. In this main room is my entry, living room, kitchen, dining nook, bathroom, respectively.

Opening the slide door gives your indoors and outdoors a continuity, which in turn, becomes a wraparound deck. A lofted bedding place is sited above there, but you take the ladder to climb it. The house may be petite in size for a home, but the way it is placed makes it feel like a highly voluminous space.

The kitchen is furnished with a full array of appliances and counter-space too. A couch, chairs and a coffee table have enough space in the living room for sitting and entertaining comfortably. The room is spacious and the framed queen bed, two nightstands, and a set of drawers provide ample storage into a cozy space.

Tight space is easy to be conquered by savvy makeovers like downtable storage, foldable bed and drop-down table. The building itself at 336 square feet is not very large, but it features windows without clutter that makes it feel very spacious and airy.

A prefab house as natural and enigmatic as this one can only be the product of a trend that you know well, because we have discussed it in previous weeks. Bioclimatic architecture, inspired by the Passivhaus standard, is predominant in this type of modular construction. In other words: not only do you have your house in a few hours or a few days, you also live closer to nature.

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