prefab house with 870 ft² and rustic architecture

By Chanak Maduranga

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prefab house with 870 ft² and rustic architecture

Modular housing is growing across America, from the East Coast to the West Coast. Those who thought that the northern states were the only ones to adopt this way of life (because it is not a simple construction) were very wrong. This is an idea that is even clearer to us after seeing the most charming prefab house in the country, with 870 ft2 and a rustic architecture that you will love.

A prefab house for a lake retreat? We´ve found the best model

Lake Muskoka Boathouse, as it may be described, is an 870 square foot prefabricated house that has a country style on the shores of Lake Muskoka in Ontario, Canada. It´s located in Newfoundland by the Torontonian architecture firm MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects.

This stunning little lake house merges in traditional boathouse façade and contemporary eco-conscious construction techniques. These building architects are renowned for their work with prefab modular buildings. They crafted a home that is both snug and airy, with design features that give attention to the natural textures.

The employment of wood, glass, and many other natural materials generates the inside decoration that is always filled with light and has an easy-to-receive-the-indoor-outdoor connection. These are definitely the great options for you to spend the full summer day by the lake.

The Lake Muskoka Boathouse does not need to contain much decoration; it just contains a gabled roofline, the mix of vertical and horizontal wood siding, and ample windows in their design. This is the archetypal form of a lake retreat.

The exterior design you will be amazed to see: that´s how this prefab house looks like

The prefab portion of the house shows rustic house design that look good with surrounding landscape. Natural materials are blended into the architecture of the house to give an integrated look. The exterior walls painted in warm brown and having a shingle siding covered with cedar of the same colour as the walls.

Lots of big windowpanes and transparent doors; sunlight smiles at the room and the pool of water and the vivid forest in front of you will leave many of the guest breathless. Rounding the windows more or less black-coloured trim to match up with the shingles siding is usually a combination aspect.

The chimney is the central piece of all houses, where it can be seen on the roof and acting as the visual marker of the building. A combination of the stones with the wood siding draws an interesting attention and harmonizes the prefab family home with the beautiful nature of the lake.

The house, inside: a rustic, natural and warm appearance

The layout of the primary area of this modest 870 ft2 prefab lake house is open plan styled, with an exposed wooden-beam ceiling and a stone-fireplace as the centre of attention. The living room decently remains linked to the kitchen and dining room which ensures a full continuity in the area that is conducive for hosting.

Large and obviously sensuous wooden beams of the ceiling serve as good example of rustic style and create an illusion of more space in the small home. Lastly, the architectural design is experienced as several timber beams intertwine tremendously with the panel of windows overlooking the lake.

The modest size of the house does not detract from the spacious feel because of its clear geometry. Walls and ceilings painted with wood paneling offer a cozy and cabin-like setting, while the stone fireplace attracts the attention of everyone as the natural color palette in the room.

This prefab house, as you have seen, is designed for those who want to live in a more natural environment, but also with a warmer and more familiar air. It is true that it is not the largest that we have made known, but it is one of those that we like the most. Who would not live in a house that is assembled in less than a month and that involves almost no pollution to the planet? We certainly would.

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