Spanish prefab house with a capacity for 20 people

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Spanish prefab house with a capacity for 20 people
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The rise of the prefab house throughout the United States is undeniable, especially with models like the ones we saw last week. The one that is becoming more popular these days, however, comes from the other side of the Atlantic: a modular family home for 20 people with 4400 ft², at a price that you will not believe: it can be yours for $1.5 M, a different price than we are used to seeing.

This prefab house is not for everyone, but you will love to discover it

Since the current housing needs cannot be satisfied by regular construction, prefabricated houses have recently become very popular as people try to find solutions that are more efficient, sustainable, and eco-friendly at the same time.

One architecture firm that stands out among other prefab home designers is the Turkel Design, which specializes in environmentally friendly and technologically advanced dwelling designs. Oakland is the home of one of the first small-scale production houses for prefabricated homes.

A prefab construction project designed by Turkel Design is yet in gear and it is a magnificent and spacious 4400 square foot house located in Ontario, Canada. The family of 20, the clients, were looking for a large but comfortable summer cottage that with the help of modular techniques could be transported.

4,400 ft² and capacity for 20 people: why this prefab house is quite different

The 4400 square foot residence has been developed using prefabricated volumetric system following the Spanish architecture. Offsite construction through prefabrication was one of several approaches. This method enabled the architect to personalize the layout and still use the benefits of offsite construction.

Everything is modular, comprised of 10 modules, already prefabricated at the factory in polland. They utilize recyclable steel, timber and precast concrete. The wings of the plane measured about 39 feet wide, 150 feet long, and approximately 10 feet tall. Modules designed that way to form the lot area as a whole when dropped off.

Flooring finishing, cabinetry assembly, lights installation, plumbing, and a lot of other parts and details were done at the factory. That means, with prefabrication, there is a better management of the quality compared with the conventional on-site methods of construction.

Why to live in this prefab house? A family-getaway concept that comes to U.S.

The interesting part about this house was the design of the 4,400 square ft home that had the capability of being comfortable enough to house an extended family of 20 people. The plan includes 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, which have separate locations on the 2-floor site.

From the main floor, you can have an open concept kitchen/dining room suitable for all the family members to get together. The kitchen, which is furnished with elite quality appliances and an over-sized island, is the definitive social hub of the home.

Another space is upstairs where there are 4 bedrooms more. The master bedroom is the largest with some walk in closets and a luxurious bathtub. Closets and windows are provided with sufficient space and natural light in all bedrooms. Do you understand why is this “construction” so special? 

For fun and entertainment, the home owns a room that is mixed up with pool table and bar area. The deck runs only 360 degrees around the exterior providing various and wonderful scenery. The other salient things are the radiant floor heat system, an elevator for accessing the floors, and a variety of energy-efficient appliances.

Don’t you find incredible a prefab house like this to host the whole family? It is a proposal that we like not only for its different architectural concept, but also for the value added by the use of sustainable and premium materials. What’s more, it has a warmer and cozier atmosphere than other styles, such as the Nordic ones, that we have seen in previous occasions, that’s why we like this one so much.

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