The $200K prefab house that succeeds at U.S.: Nordic style and close to nature

By Chanak Maduranga

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The $200K prefab house that succeeds at U.S.: Nordic style and close to nature

The rise of the prefab house in United States knows no limits, at least among those who want to move away from the cities and live in quieter areas, as well as save costs and bet on sustainable materials. This is precisely what the Nordic people have always done, and it is no coincidence that the house we are going to show you now pursues this style. You are about to understand why.

New prefab house in United States: the Aurora model everyone is talking about

Modular homes are attractive housing solutions that are more and more chosen by people searching for affordable housing and more environmentally-friendly ways to live. The best case would be the Aurora cabin which denotes the Northwest Pacific in terms of design and construction.

The Aurora model offers an upscale tiny house that gives you a feeling of home combined with a luxurious look and quality while the home uses earth-friendly materials efficiently with the space of about 400 square feet. A green durability or sleek A-frame house structure can be customized and brought for approximately $200,000.

This Nordic-inspired prefab exemplifies the possibility that space saving and ecology friendly housing can still be envied, compact, and totally habitable. In this piece, we shall take a tailored exploration of what makes the Aurora cabin outstanding.

Aurora prefab house in United States, the most popular current model

Arc Cabin Marco Casagrande has designed Aurora cabin that is 200 feet one-bedroom cabin. This time eco-home was built in 2017, near New York and it epitomizes enjoying simple life with bigger meaning of sustainability. The Aurora Cabin was designed as a small-scale case study for how to live without running water.

The building was developed to run independently with the huge glass wall serving several functions at the same time from being responsible for heating and cooling the interior to collecting rainwater and disposing wastewater and having net-zero energy needs.

In spite of the cabin being small, it has a number of facilities such as living spaces, bathroom spaces, kitchenettes, and a bedroom that has a loft. This way, even limited living area will remain spacious through all seasons. Casagrande and Nordic design blended their approaches in reaching a sleek and modern design.

The roof of this house is a gable, the siding is vertical wood, and its platforms are elevated. Large windows and skylights are the windows of the internal circulation. Natural light can reflect facilitate this. It can be gotten through the electric light.

$200k prefab house: Nordic style, close to nature and all this

The river cabin is originated from the design of Norwegian contemporary that focused on the relation between the human and nature. Having a modern prefab house was Brian Abramson’s goal, only to ensure that it was coherently installed in the woodlands.

The aim was to blur and have something from the Japanese architecture which has such an intricate separation of the indoor and outdoor space. The Aurora Cabin is specially designed which consists of large windows, as well as sliding glass doors that allows an interface between the interior space and the outer scenery, namely forest.

Henceforth, the Aurora Cabin realises the blending of the Scandinavian and Japanese touches, and as the result transfers the home into an open-air atmosphere. The architecture which is a minimal and straightforward composition provides rooms which are opened to the outside with large windows, porches and natural materials.

Once again, we know a Nordic prefab house in United States that comes to displace the traditional construction. The truth is that few new buyers can resist this type of housing, in connection with nature and a carbon footprint reduced to a minimum. One more impulse towards sustainability in the residential field that we so much pursue in America. Don´t you think that?

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