The Nordic prefab house that hits in the United States: 430 sqft and less than $60,000

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The Nordic prefab house that hits in the United States: 430 sqft and less than $60,000

The modular housing boom is capturing the attention of thousands of families, although it is a trend that has not yet starred in the construction sector. However, everything could change this year, with impressive models that we are learning about. One of them is a Nordic prefab house in the United States, which is breaking records and costs less than $60,000.

The prefab house, a new trend in United States that will set the future

Prefabricated buildings, sometimes referred to as modular or prefab homes, are changing the design and construction norms of single-unit housing. Protofab construction is done by making wall panels and flooring in a factory, and then those components are transported to the site where they are fastened together.

It is empowered by the advancements of 3D printing technology with increased efficacy, resource utilization and cost reduction effects relative to conventional manufacturing processes. Globally, there has been a rise in the off-site construction trend, the popularity of which increases with more reasonable andpleasing designs.

Modern prefab homes now can no longer be recognized as traditional trailers and are equipped with smart technology and custom amenities. The prefabrication process today produces modern (high-end) homes with a sleek contemporary styling and, conversely, charming cottages and green (sustainable) tiny houses.

The Nordic prefab house in United States: you will love its amazing design

The Ilumhouse Nordic Plus is a renowned prefab house, whose huge number of sales proved it to be a success in the US market. The house measures 430 sq. ft. That means it can be constructed in the timeframe of 5 days and located for under $60,000.

The floor to ceiling sliding glass doors open up onto the deck, overlooking the backyard. This creates a seamless flow between indoors and outdoors and hence, makes the living area larger. The house has an open, kitchen with a fridge, stove, dishwasher, and quartz countertops.

On the main floor is a dark wooden flight of stairs that ascend to the top of the room where the beds are. The drying walls of the home are dry wall and wood floor contains oak hardwood. On the outside, the house’s siding is made from wood, there are a bunch of windows that brighten the interior and a standing seam roof.

The Nordic Plus model is based on a flexible concept which allows a modification or an addition of a carport, porch front or deck. With a just 430 sq ft total size this model of the house is not only elegant but user- friendly as well as its price is less than $60 000 dollars, which is excellent in terms of affordability.

Ilumhouse Nordic Plus: the brand that is behind this fantastic and sustainable trend

Ilumhouse company was founded in 2014 in Latvia with a mission of developing and manufacturing of prefabricated modular homes. Since the demand for housing solutions is growing rapidly and sustainability is becoming a key factor in the process, they see the market potential as the opportunity.

The U.S. market is the crucial one when it comes to expanding business. At only $60,000 for a 430 sq ft home and following minimalist living goals, Nordic Plus Ilumhouse provides a practical access to homeownership in the line with current trends.

Developing the US market is Ilumhouse’s goal, who aims to set up an office and showroom in the land by 2025. This will provide the society the ability to be present where the homes will be shown directly to American customers without the rock solid bridge.

Ever dreamed of living in a Nordic prefab house in the United States? What surprises us in this case is not only its price (which is also), but also how it has a layout typical of countries like Finland or Sweden. As you can see, living in a modular house is not only more ecological, it can also be an innovative experience that many people are looking for, and maybe you are one of them.

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