Two stories with garden that is sweeping the U.S.

By Chanak Maduranga

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Two stories with garden that is sweeping the U.S.
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The Japanese style has never had much roots in America, something you will agree with us. However, it is an architectural concept that opts for nature and resistant materials (not only bamboo, there are others). We wanted to show you a prefab house that can be yours for only $67k and that perfectly reflects what we are talking about: you will love its garden, we anticipate you.

Japanese prefab houses, a new trend in U.S. we are still discovering

One relevant trend in housing construction making its way into the United States is the prefabricated Japanese house. The modern way house by Sekisui House is a prefabricated and manufactured modular home by the Japanese homebuilder which is one of the largest in the world.

Sekisui House has been making prefab homes since the 1960s but this is the company’s first year of competitive entry in the US. The prefabricated houses have an open floor plan design that provides a contemporary look and feel while ensuring high quality, durability, and energy efficiency.

The homes are built using prefabrication in a factory where state of art and highly accurate processes are employed. They are then delivered to other parts of the world within a few days and assembled in-situ It is in a similar manner that lightweight materials shall be shipped to the destination and assembled.

Young people are looking at ths prefab house: what´s the reason?

The trends in the United States show that the market for Kyabin prefab homes has been on a significant growth trajectory in recent years. The increasing trend in the purchase of Kyabin by young people can be blamed on a number of factors – with the comparatively low price and sustainable production.

The movement of tiny homes has emerged in the US as more and more people prefer to live in smaller and more sustainable houses that meet their needs at a reasonable price. Some of the main features of Kyabin are that it’s possible to have the home at a size as small as 344 sq ft, which is ideal for tiny homes.

The homes have no room to be called small and can be very comfortable and be further customized with the help of add-ons. The appropriate size, the ability to tailor the production to a customer’s needs, and competitive prices constitute one of the main factors of Kyabin’s success in the US market.

Aside from the tiny home population Kyabin also offers home buyers with conventional homes an inexpensive community. They also begin under $67,000 for their base Kyabin home for home buyers in search of an affordable option compared to a stick-built or cabinet home.

Two-stories design with garden: why is this prefab house so popular

Prefabricated homes from Kyabin have been characterized by simplicity of design with Japanese influenced accent. Externally there are such characteristics as straight – shaped contour, abundance of white and gray colors, wood elements, etc.

The homes are available in a variety including the one model with just one bedroom to four bedroom styles. Each model is strategically placed such that each of these can be function and flow. For instance, by the kitchen, the dining area, and the living room are situated in the great room.

Kyabin ensure the use of high-quality materials to assemble each modular element in a factory. The structure uses kiln-dried wood that has been mechanically joined with steel plates. This siding is applied on the exterior side of the house and is made up of cement fiber board or panels with additional insulation.

Inside, the walls and ceilings have a monochromatic finish, usually white. For flooring, people may opt for oak hardwood in living areas and tile in the bathrooms. Looking at it in general, we could say that Kyabins provide designs that are contemporary and are well suited for living because of their lightness.

This Japanese prefab house is a demonstration of how oriental styles are being imposed in modular construction, something that also happens with the Nordic ones, although those you have known more during the last weeks. In this case, we particularly like it for combining insulating materials with other more resistant ones, although let’s not fool ourselves: the best thing is its garden, as we told you before.

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