you will not believe what it looks like and what it hides

By Chanak Maduranga

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you will not believe what it looks like and what it hides

The tycoon Elon Musk is, what we could define, a trend hunter. Can you imagine living in his mansion? It is something similar to what we are going to propose today, since we have found his prefab house that you can buy. Of course, you won’t believe how it looks like and what it hides inside (we already warned you that it is something as eccentric as he is and what everyone is talking about).

Elon Musk has said this about modular homes: attention to his words

For many years, Elon Musk has been dreaming about creating some kind of economically inexpensive ecologically safe housing to deal with such issues as homelessness. He is one of the richest individuals on the planet which is why he wishes to apply his wealth in a meaningful way needs.

Moreover in addition Musk supported his drive by seeing it as necessary for planet Earth to creative energy and houses that is sustainable. He regards inexpensive housing as doing the king-size role in such transformation. What Musk wishes to demostrate is that million houses can be builted with zero-pollution.

So now people expect him to solve the problems in the housing sector with his innovative mindset. He realizes that these units can be scalable and to install energy-efficient appliances and systems without sacrificing quality or affordability. Such subsidies allow people to live in better houses as affordable prices are provided.

Tesla tiny house: the invention that America knew and today nobody remembers

Of many options, Tesla, in 2016, exhibited a prototype of a modular house “built with care”, which reflects a perfect balance between economic and environmental friendliness in design. If part of Tesla Energy division, this prototype off-grid house shows that solar panels and storage can power a tiny nugan-energy house.

The sample house has a width of 8 feet and 20 feet long there is roof with a dip which causes of the space in the interior to feel much wider. The exterior is a combination of the sleek and professional embodying the functionality. The angled standing seam add-on to the roof hides the integrated solar array.

Besides its size being small, the low-energy design still accommodates all basic living needs. The one-level of this room showcases the living space, kitchenette, washroom and a closet. Above the main floor sits a mezzanine with a bedroom. Beach-inspired construction with floor-to-ceiling with windows brings the nature in.

The design is compact nevertheless, the idea home has upscale endings and technological components, in spite of the sizes. The new kitchenette is stylish with a seamless undermount sink, high-end faucet, mini-fridge, induction cooktop, and built in cabinet and shelving as well.

How much does the Tesla tiny house cost? You won´t believe it

The idea behind the Tesla tiny house design is that they should provide an inexpensive housing option, with their sole cost estimated to be about $50,000 per unit. This is only a fraction of the average cost for a privately-owned house in the United States that exceeded $400 thousand in 2022.

While about a tiny home, it is worth noting that there is an option of an affordable dwelling when compared with houses or apartments. The average tiny house, which does not include shipping containers, costs approximately $45-150K to build.

When they compare this to the $428,700 median price for a single-family home in the U. S., it is easy to see that there is a huge difference. And thus, the sale of tiny homes as per Musk’s vision would cost lower than one-eighth of the average American homes.

This prefab house by Elon Musk seems to be the latest innovation in the sector, as opposed to other models we have seen during these weeks. More than contact with nature or Nordic style, this one defends a functional and minimalist architecture, matching the modernism that began in the early twentieth century (but with the touch of an extravagant tycoon, of course).

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