you won’t believe what the exterior looks like

By Chanak Maduranga

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you won’t believe what the exterior looks like

During these last weeks, you have been able to see with us how the prefab house is imposed to the conventional construction, not in a generalized way, but at least among those who prefer a more natural lifestyle. Of course, it does not always have to be in the forest (although you have seen more models in that environment), today we bring you one inspired by the sea and with an exterior that you will find hard to believe.

A prefab house that you won’t believe: it looks unfinished, and in part, it is.

In the last few decades, the popularity of modular homes has been rising with players looking for a cheap and sustainable housing alternative. One place where prefab is in the spotlight the latest is the Unfinished Home, an 1,400 squared foot house situated in Ontario, Canada.

The unfinished home with the intention of being a minimalist living and creating a bond with nature came out as an ideology. Taking on a major challenge, Workshop Architecture fell in love with the design and drew inspiration from the scenic Georgian Bay cliffs and waves.

What makes the Unfinished Home truly unique is the fact that it was prefabricated, and that both inside and out it has the raw aesthetic that will not only be contemporary, but will also shape the future of hip living in tiny spaces.

So minimalist, half of it is unfinished (although it is completely ready to deliver).

Workshop Architecture, a Canadian architectural firm located in Toronto, imagined Unfinished Home as a minimalist prefabricated home decoration rendered as water, skyscape and earth columns. The lead architect was planning an absolutely open house that included the elements of air, earth and water.

In other words, the house itself, would be the source of natural beauty. The mission was to develop an easy to access structure with the possibility to change it later to match the desires of owners. In order to achieve a 2-storied, 1400-sq. ft. layout, noticeable effort of layout planning is the key.

On the first floor an open space is formed by using a concrete floor and ducts covered with a slab. This area consists of the kitchen, dining and living spaces. All of these create a patio where there is a full height sliding glass door. The next floor has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, coated with gypsum board walls and ceiling.

The house has a simple and robust color scheme with the use of glass, steel and wood within it. Walls and panels made of untreated plywood boards were embraced, and the weather was allowed to do their job. Lots of windows create a frame for the view and at the same time makes the home feel bright and natural.

The exterior that everyone notices: what makes it so special?

The outer appearance of this Unfinished Home is one of the most captivating features of it. It has a rough, unpolished aspect that surely puts it in a safe circumstance with the usual prefab houses. The timber-framed walls on the house will be uncoated unfinished pine boards.

Use of natural on the site is really a purposely intentional thing, which is meant to blend the house with its surroundings too adjacent Collingwood, Ontario. According to the plan of the architect, nothing else had to be done as the building had to be connected to the wild Canadian landscape.

Despite its colorful features, the house seems to be homeborn as it rises from the very ground of the planet. What highlights the eco-friendly spirit of the resort is the building’s literal facade made of unfinished wood that contrasts demurely with the nature textures and colors.

Imagine what it would be like to live in a prefab house with marine reminiscences, a constant contact with aquatic nature and bathed by the sound of the waves. If it sounds poetic, it is because you have not seen the videos with which this model is promoted, but we already anticipate that it can be an ideal opportunity to live in a quieter and, most importantly, sustainable place.

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